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Available for free for iOS and Android
Works great even on older smartphones
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Perceptible difference
Ordering through the operator takes from 3 to 8 minutes
Using the free Shark Taxi mobile application you can call
a taxi in just a couple of seconds
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Perfect taxi app created for people
Unparalleled convenience

We developed the app specifically to be easily dealt with for everyone.

And numerous tests have unequivocally confirmed: today it is - perhaps - the most convenient of all taxi mobile applications in Ukraine.

Options for all occasions

With Shark Taxi mobile app you can not only order a car in a couple of taps. And you are not limited just to car’s class choice.

On the contrary: the app is suited of every need. And selecting the needed options is surprisingly convenient.

However, check for yourself - and see for yourself!

Absolute control

The app shows the exact - to the penny - cost of the upcoming trip. You can choose which taxi to order.

You see on the map where the taxi is now. You can view information about the driver and his rating in a couple of taps - and influence it by grading.

Everything is under your control.

Your driver is always here

At least 200 drivers work in a city simultaneously. And their services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With Shark you are always confident: regardless of the hour you get where you need on time.

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Forget about nervous waiting

Have you confirmed the order? Then - get ready to go. Our driver is already near.

After all, the order is sent to the nearest taxi driver who fully meets your requirements.

That is why the average waiting time in Shark Taxi is about 7 minutes.

Top notch service

With Shark Taxi you are served exclusively by drivers from the city where you’ve made the order. And each of them have passed rigorous selection.

You trust a person who perfectly knows the city, strictly adheres to SDA, is always polite with the client and is ready to help to load the luggage or get in the salon.

Precious fusion of comfort and benefits

Yes: Shark Taxi really allows you make your destination at the most loyal cost.

But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personal comfort. Even economy class cars are thoroughly tested before each departure.

So the trip is practically guaranteed to be perfect.

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Shark Taxi: the unequivocal choice of Ukraine

Ultimate honesty with the client. Lack of unpleasant "surprises" typical for the most of other companies.

Almost complete lack of excesses. And almost instant solution of controversial issues in those rare cases when they do arise.

This is what made Shark Taxi one of the leading taxi companies and a real popular choice of Ukrainians.

Wherever you are - just dial the short number 3000 or launch Shark Taxi mobile app - and consider yourself already traveling comfortably towards your destination.

Shark Taxi
Order taxi by the short number
Download free Shark Taxi mobile application